A Christ-Centered Approach to Gender Identity: Embracing Science and Scripture

A Christ-Centered Approach to Gender Identity: Embracing Science and Scripture

By Odell Vining, Ph.D.


In a world where questions of gender identity are increasingly at the forefront of social discussion, it is essential to address these topics with both a commitment to scriptural truths and an understanding of psychological science. Genesis 1:27 tells us, “So God created man in his own image, in the¬†image of God¬†created he him; male and female created he them,”affirming the intrinsic value and distinctiveness given by God at creation. This article explores gender identity with grace and truth, drawing from biblical insights and behavioral psychology.

Scriptural Foundations

We affirm the biblical narrative that humanity is created in God’s image, uniquely fashioned as male and female. This truth sets a foundation for our identity and interactions, guiding us to treat each person with the dignity and respect they deserve as image-bearers of the Creator.

The Role of Behavioral Psychology

Behavioral psychology examines how our environment, experiences, and society contribute to our understanding of self, including aspects of gender. It does not negate the biblical perspective but can provide context to individuals’ diverse experiences regarding gender identity.

Supporting Individuals with Compassion

As we encounter individuals navigating gender identity concerns, our response should be characterized by the compassionate love of Christ. We aim to support and guide through the struggles with empathy, listening, and understanding as we hold to our convictions.

Biblical Engagement and Care

In offering support, we turn to the Bible for wisdom and guidance, seeking to engage with individuals to honor God’s design while acknowledging the challenges they may face. When rooted in a biblical worldview, professional counseling can be an avenue for providing this care, always pointing to the love and redemption offered through Christ.


Gender identity is a complex topic, but as Christians, we are called to engage with both truth and love. We approach these conversations with a steadfast commitment to scripture, applying behavioral psychology insights to understand better and support each individual’s journey.

If you seek guidance or support, The Psychology Clinic is committed to providing a space where scriptural truth and clinical care come together.

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