The Psychology Clinic:

Improving Lives With Behavioral Blueprints

Who We Serve

  • Military Families
  • Civilians
  • School Districts

Our Mission

At The Psychology Clinic, we specialize in crafting Behavior Blueprints—personalized roadmaps to mental well-being. Whether you’re a parent seeking guidance for your child, an adult navigating life’s complexities, or a family striving for harmony, our evidence-based psychological services are designed to pave the way for better futures.

Specialized Services

For Children and Adolescents

  1. Child Therapy: Customized treatments based on child age.
  2. Psychological Testing/Evaluations: Addressing ADHD, autism, anxiety, and more.
  3. What to Tell Your Child: We put kids at ease and make the testing experience a positive one.
  4. Signs Your Child May Benefit From Therapy: Guidance for parents on recognizing the need for professional help.

For School Districts

  1. Expert Psychological Testing: In-depth student evaluations by Dr. Odell Vining.
  2. Holistic Collaboration: Engaging all stakeholders for comprehensive solutions.
  3. Ongoing Support: Training and report interpretation sessions for educators.

For Adults

  1. Marriage & Family Therapy: Improve family dynamics and marital relationships.
  2. Adult Therapy and Treatment: Personalized approaches for lasting functional changes.
  3. Adult Psychological Testing: Comprehensive evaluations for those 18 and older.

Why Choose Us?

  • Behavioral Expertise: Dr. Odell Vining’s extensive practice covers behavioral to mood disorders.
  • Precise Reporting: Clinically rigorous yet practically applicable evaluations.
  • Swift Turnaround: Evaluations completed within 14-28 days post-consent.
  • Compliance Training: Proven behavioral programs led by Dr. Vining.

Contact Us

đź“ž Call us at 706-225-0322 to initiate a partnership or learn more.